I downloaded your app and created a profile but haven’t received any requests yet, what gives?

Congrats on your uZoom Experience Profile, it’s probably really cool. First, we suggest sharing your custom link to your social networks and using our hashtags #uZoom #ExperienceMore. This way we can find and reshare you, reaching more people and directing them to Zoom with you. Second, make sure you have properly downloaded the app. This means turning on location services and notifications.

What makes uZoom different from other live video apps and services?

Unlike other live video models, we are the only platform that allows broadcasters to be paid for the compelling experiences they shoot. Experiences range from travel, culture, food, advice, shopping and more!

What do I have to do to request a video zoom somewhere?

Download the app on iOS or Android. We require a one-time setup with PayPal, Visa or Mastercard to get started. Our minimum fee to Zoom is $0.60 per minute.

How do I get my video after I zoom and what can I do with my video after I create it with a Guide?

You will receive an email immediately after your Zoom with a link to download it You can do whatever you like with the MP4 formatted video and we give you the ability to easily share it on Facebook, Instagram, SMS, Email, the sky’s the limit!

So how much does the Broadcaster make?

Like other gig-economy jobs, pricing is based on supply and demand. Generally, the Broadcaster receives 80% of the fee paid by the Viewer and uZoom receives 20%. The more you promote your experience, the more Zooms you’ll receive. Have a really interesting, unique or compelling profile experience? Email us at marketing@uzoom.me! If we find it to be equally intriguing we will promote you in the app and on our social media.

As a Broadcaster, how do I get paid out of my uZoom account?

Once you have collected a minimum of $10 in your account you can decide how they want to “cash out”. We currently allow you to deposit your money into PayPal, Amazon or Donate to Charity.

How does uZoom Shopping work? Do I have to pay to shop?

As a viewer, you get to experience personal shopping for free (unless you purchase a product, which we hope you will!). Merchants pay a flat monthly rate to use uZoom as a live streaming service for their customers.

Want to become a merchant on the uZoom Shopping platform? Request more information about a 30 Day Free Trial by emailing business@uzoom.me